a row of kids saber fencers at a birthday party at West Coast fencing academy in full saber fencing gear with red balloons
two saber fencer sitting at a table with a birthday cake and balloons


Celebrate your next special occasion at West Coast ​Fencing Academy, where excitement meets elegance! ​Perfect for birthdays, corporate events, or team-​building sessions, our academy welcomes everyone - ​kids and adults alike - to discover the thrilling art of ​fencing. Learn from elite coaches with Olympic ​experience in a facility that caters to parties of 20 or ​more, complete with air conditioning for those hot ​summer days. Our event packages include 2 hours of ​fun and fencing: 1.5 hours dedicated to an ​introduction to fencing, a lesson, and actual fencing ​bouts officiated by referees, followed by 30 minutes ​for refreshments and celebrations. We provide all the ​necessary gear and equipment, so there's no extra ​cost for parents unless they choose to join the fencing ​fun. Our space boasts Bluetooth-accessible music to ​set the mood and the option to organize additional ​games or activities (bring your own games). Let West ​Coast Fencing Academy make your event ​unforgettable. Inquire today for more details and ​make your reservation for an extraordinary ​celebration!

kids in saber fencing class/ birthday party wearing saber mask and holding saber blade.


  • 2 hours of fun
  • Fencing Lesson
  • Bouts
  • All fencing gears
  • Table & Chairs
  • Napkins, Paper ​Plates, Cups & ​Utensils.
Confetti Celebration



a group of young kids wearing non electric saber fencing gear practicing saber fencing drills

Remember to Bring:

  • Party Favors
  • Balloons & Decorations
  • Party Food & Drinks
  • Birthday Cake and Candles


$300 per session for 10 guests

$20/person for each additional guest






a group of kids with saber in hand practicing saber fencing footwork

Blades clash, swift and bright, ​In the academy's light,

Saber dreams take flight.

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