two people are practicing saber fencing in a room with a california flag on the wall

Private Lessons

What You Need To Know


Contact Us to reserve a weekly time slot


Single Lesson: 20 min

Double Lesson: 40 min


$250- 5 Lesson Starter Package (no ​membership needed)

$500-$600- 10 lessons, depending on ​coach


Please arrive 15 minutes early to warm ​up and stretch


$100/month included in price of group ​class. This fee only apply to fencers not ​enrolled in group class

Coach gherman stone teaching a student dressed in saber fencing gear the basics of fencing in en garde stance with a saber in west coast academy gym

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid ​being charged in full.

Blades clash, swift and bright, ​In the academy's light,

Saber dreams take flight.

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