coach gherman stone behind two young girl fencers who won medals at their fencing tournament

Gherman Stone

Coach Ghermane Stone, the esteemed head coach at West Coast Fencing ​Academy Arcadia, stands out for his unparalleled experience and ​exceptional patience, especially with young learners. With a fencing ​journey that began in 1975 in Odessa, Ukraine, Coach Stone has dedicated ​more than four decades to mastering and teaching saber fencing. His ​deep passion for the sport shines through in his coaching, inspiring his ​students to achieve remarkable success in regional, and national ​competitions, including gold medals and top finishes at the US National ​Fencing Championships​​.

As a successful fencer, he has earned many top finishes in Junior, ​collegiate (NCAA), senior US National Championships and North American ​Cups (NAC) events. He participated in both 1989 and 1991 Olympic ​Festivals as a member of the Olympic Squad (top 20 in the nation). He ​graduated from California State University, Northridge, where he was a ​member of the saber fencing team that won Southern California and ​Western Region Collegiate Championships.

Coach Stone's extensive experience is matched by his remarkable ​patience and personalized coaching approach, making him the most ​experienced coach at the academy. His methods have not only fostered a ​love for fencing among his students but also propelled them to top-level ​achievements​​. Coach Stone's commitment to the sport and his students at ​West Coast Fencing Academy has made him a pivotal figure in the ​development of aspiring fencers, guiding them with expertise and ​unwavering support.

coach nikolay kovalev with fencer connor liang with trophy at a international fencing tournament

Nikolay (Nick) Kovalev

Coach Nikolay Kovalev has made a significant move in his transition from being ​a celebrated athlete to an influential coach. He now serves as the head coach at ​West Coast Fencing Academy in Orange. From clinching a bronze medal at the ​2012 Summer Olympics in London and a gold medal at the 2014 World ​Championships in Kazan, his journey to becoming a guiding force in the fencing ​world is a testament to his dedication and skill in competition and coaching.

At West Coast Fencing Academy, Coach Kovalev utilizes his extensive ​experience, including his achievements as a five-time World Champion and five-​time European Champion, to mentor and develop the next generation of fencing ​talent. His background, highlighted by a Master's Degree from the National State ​University of Physical Education in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and his competitive ​prowess underpins his coaching philosophy.

Under his guidance, students benefit from his vast expertise and commitment to ​excellence. This has culminated in his students being recruited by top universities ​across the United States, including prestigious institutions such as Princeton, ​Harvard, Yale, MIT, UPenn, and Columbia. Coach Kovalev's influence extends ​beyond the piste. His ability to nurture and develop talent has opened doors for ​his proteges at some of the most esteemed academic and athletic programs, ​highlighting his significant impact on their personal and professional growth.

Artem Zanin

Coach Artem Zanin, a distinguished member of the West Coast Fencing Academy ​coaching team, brings a wealth of experience and a unique coaching approach to ​saber fencing in the US. Arriving in the United States in March 2022 after an illustrious ​career as a saber fencer and coach in Russia, Artem has over 26 years of experience ​in fencing, including a tenure on the Russian National Team from 2004 to 2016. During ​his competitive years, he achieved remarkable success, including winning the Senior ​Team World Championship in 2010 and the Junior Team World Championship in ​2006. His accolades also include multiple medals in Senior World Cups and Russian ​National Championships.

Artem's educational background is equally impressive, holding a Master’s Degree ​from the National State University of Physical Education in Saint Petersburg, acquired ​in 2015. His training under some of Europe's finest saber coaches has equipped him ​with a distinctive style and a competitive winning attitude, which he now imparts to ​his students at WCFA.

Beyond his technical expertise, Artem is known for his deep love for fencing and a ​passion for teaching, particularly with young athletes. His coaching philosophy ​centers around communication and engagement, ensuring his students not only ​excel in fencing but also enjoy their journey and achievements in the sport. Artem's ​goal at WCFA is to create a fun and successful environment for fencers to reach their ​highest potential.

coach artem zanin with a thumb up pose in west coast fencing academy jacket next to a young girl in fencing gear wearing a medal she won from her fencing tournament
coach mike kishchenkov posing with girl saber fencing student holding a medal she won at her fencing tournament

Mike Kishchenkov

Coach Mike, who joined West Coast Fencing Academy in 2023, brings ​a wealth of experience from his tenure at Russia's prestigious ​Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve №1. With a ​background marked by multiple National Cadet and Youth Champion ​trainees, his coaching prowess is evident. Before coaching, he was a ​formidable member of the Russian National Team, securing medals at ​the All-Russian Collegiate Cup and achieving multiple Cadet and ​Junior World individual medals. Known for his vibrant energy and ​passion for teaching, Coach Mike excels in motivating students of all ​ages, combining rigorous training with fun, aiming for their success ​and enjoyment in fencing.

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